Our mission is built around two core concepts:

  • Tactical Change Agency
  • Strategic Change Agency

There are pages dedicated to both here on the site but we can chat through the bits and bobs now so you have a good idea about what these mean and why they are all about action not just words.


Tactical change is all about you and me. It’s the micro environment. The individual needs of the idea, method or the product/service.  There are a myriad of sources for help, but in our experience, no one actually seems that interested in actually helping – more like offering some vague advice followed by a sprint to the funder with some golden stat starlet and a nice shiny picture of everyone not doing much with their hands in the air.

This might suit some but it doesn’t suit us. We have demanded action, not words of others and not got it so we want to offer others what we felt we missed out on – or were simply excluded from.