Bored of the same old training delivering few or no results? CIEDA can help with our problem/solution training concept that makes all the difference. Take a look at our intro video to get a feel for what we're about and then review the rest of this page to find out about the services we offer.
Inclusive Design School
CIEDA runs a range of training sessions and events developed with Inclusive Design guru Matteo Zallio. We have a menu of options which can often take place during a time that suits you but lunch tends to be better for most people. Because humans need to eat we don't do a full hour instead we aim for 30-40mins with some time for questions. Attendees can also bring their food and drinks along. CIEDA's Inclusive Design School can offer you the following CPDs and these can also be tailored into longer courses. Our CPDs our free.

STEP 1: Pick something to learn about -

  1. Building The Business Case For Inclusive Design In Your Team, Organisation Or Industry (45 mins)
  2. The Inclusive Design Canvas (45 mins) We are a certified delivery partner.
  3. The IDEA Audit Tool (45 mins)
  4. Age Friendly Design (30 mins)
  5. Ready to enhance your learning experience? Add on our new and very nifty Cambridge Sensory Simulation Experience. The cutting edge of making learning fun and actually sticking.
  6. IDMA - How To Become An Inclusive Decison Architect. (45 mins)
  7. The Secrets of Good Co-design. (30 mins)
  8. Inclusive Design & Universal Design - A bitesize primer. (30 mins)

STEP 2: When you've chosen the CPD, choose a style of session - (timings are flexible)

  1. Breakfast & Brunch (morning)
  2. Lunch & Learn (lunchtime)
  3. Dinner & Design (late afternoon or evening)

STEP 3: Contact us to book your course or CPD.

Inconomics Business School
Whether you are looking to complete a single module or take your time with the entire course, Inconomics has something for you. Take a look at the Inconomics Business School page for more information.
UX Academy
Do you get that sinking feeling when someone tells you to book or attend some training? You've taken the time out of your busy day, asked the team to put their own lives on hold and whisk them out of BAU for a while. All this to find that the post lunch drowsiness has bedded in at just gone 10am as everyone's eyes tilt from the trainer to their mobiles. Well that is the sort of scenario we wanted to avoid as we designed the UX Academy courses. These  are cutting edge content designed to give you and your team the upgrade your looking for by teaching you about UX or User Experience. Moving into the future we are going to find that everything will merge into UX. These users might be our teams, stakeholders, customers or rivals but at the core of everything sits the need for them to be efficient (doing the right task) and effective (doing the right task well). UX helps us all and at CIEDA we see UX absorbing a lot of the fragmented world of inclusion and inclusive environments. Our Design Thinking and Creative Management courses can cover:
  • Team Building
  • Design Thinking
  • Systems Thinking
  • How to understand your customers
  • Leadership
  • Problem/Solution (the tailored model where I find out what might help or they tell me and we give them an approach which will work around the exact issue i.e. hybrid teams and how to make getting together fun within the time you have.
If you're ready or want to skip to the learning big league, then check out our Inconomics content which over time turn into a sort of mini MBA with accreditation.