Introducing CIEDA’s Uusi Tyyli
Introducing CIEDA’s Uusi Tyyli
by | Mar 22, 2022 |

@uusityyli – A brand new design movement – for everyone, everywhere.

These days, things with cool Nordic sounding names are, apparently, at least as popular as stuff with other names so we used this science to come up with a name which means ‘new style’ in Finnish and is pronounced ‘ooo-see tee-lee’.

With that bit done we spent the next few minutes considering what we wanted to do with our new name and then a passer-by suggested we create a design movement which seeks to unite everyone by ensuring that as people design they try and incorporate the basics of inclusion, access and inclusive environments as much as possible. Essentially like embedding ‘doing the right thing’ as early as possible in each decision making stage so that whatever it is we are creating is already ‘humanfit’ or at least has the capability to improve in the general direction of the people who will use, be around or look at what we create.

Welcome to Uusi Tyyli.

What is striking about most design movements is that they involve a sector, style, political or religious movement that is narrow in focus. Uusi tyyli is different. It is a based on a belief that we are all decision makers in everything we do. These micro decisions make micro impacts on other people and our environment. They can be the difference between social inclusion and social exclusion, between having a shared identity or not.

Most people might not think twice about the everyday decisions they design for themselves and for others. But there are parallel worlds out there with intersections into our world. These are the worlds of the artist, the potter, the builder, the architect, the writer, the musician, the planner, the dancer, the cosmetician, the web designer, the marketeer, the programmer, the AI itself and the, well, the world of the professional designer. These are the people who are in control of whether we are included or excluded from their worlds, from their products and from their vision.

Uusi Tyyli is the new design movement which seeks to include creative inclusion in the craft and creativity of these professional designers – whatever they have in mind.

It is a movement with a fluid philosophy that is constantly shaped by the individual but founded on the principles of inclusion and access and promoting a diversity of ways for people to participate and engage with.

Uusi Tyyli was devised as a way to create subtle change in the art and design community by organising a movement they could adopt. A key part of creative inclusion is to maintain the energy of the moment – by including more types of people we get more energy to solve things and maintain a sense of excitement.

If the process is interesting then the result will be interesting. A goal constrains the imagination. The search for an objective becomes a trap. It is better to identify areas of focus.

Uusi Tyyli is not about training but about equipping people to think creatively about inclusion for themselves. To explore within the area of focus rather than set a goal. Untrained but willing they will be able to start developing new things within their own worlds.

Uusi Tyyli is about having fun and playing and experimenting like a child not having constraints applied like an adult. It isn’t about a rules-based order but about curiosity to improve not seek perfection – there isn’t a right or a wrong with Uusi Tyyli just an electrifying forward motion that provides the energy not the criticism to encourage creatives to think inclusively. 

What’s Involved?

Uusi Tyyli is about sharing the ideas whatever they are because it’s about finding the 1 great one from the 1000. It’s about applying the lessons of creativity to inclusion and diversity. It’s about giving a new area of focus to everyone. Creating a sandbox called inclusion for others to explore whilst drawing attention to all the cool bits to excite and amaze and stimulate as people go.

There is only one call to action with uusi Tyyli – that is if you choose to design inclusion into your work that you:

  • Tell someone about it
  • Say why you did what you did what you did
  • Say how it change things for you?

It’s really going to be about the art of asking yourself questions. How, why, what questions that will set out the usability angle. It’s a delicate way of challenging the thought process of your design. It is ultimately about nothing being perfect in a non- ideal world but recognising that this is the world I want to see and help build.

It’s about simply being able to ask the question and then realising how people can be excluded.