Introducing CIEDA’s Project Wigwa
Introducing CIEDA’s Project Wigwa
by | Mar 22, 2022 |

CIEDA is going to begin working with a expert local delivery partner on an exciting new venture for an amazing area of Kenya called Kisumu County.

Project Wigwa is a pilot project for CIEDA Nexus which is the concept where CIEDA can create inclusive environments which in turn can learn and develop together. The Project will be focused on supporting the students, parents and economic community of a primary school in a part of Kisumu Town which is a deprived area of high-density housing situated near the shores of Lake Victoria.

The Project is being designed around communities within Kisumu County which has Kisumu, Kenya’s third largest city, at its heart. Kisumu is a port city built up to a population of around 700,000 on the banks of Lake Victoria, was the first UN Millennium City in 2006 and is not far from the home village of Barack Obama’s father. Most of the people of Kisumu are trilingual being familiar with Kiswahili, English and Dholuo which is the local language of the Luo, one of Kenya’s largest ethnic groups.

Kisumu County is made up of 7 sub counties and forms one of the 47 counties of Kenya. It has a population of 1.15 million. Maseno University attracts students from all over Kenya for its IT department, there is also Great Lakes University and Kisumu Polytechnic alongside 706 primary schools, 173 public secondaries including Maseno School which is one of oldest secondary schools in the country. Private education is also popular.

The population of Kisumu County is known for generally high levels of IQ which is anecdotally linked to the consumption of fish. Tourism is also likely to become important due to the development of Kisumu International Airport.

CIEDA will be working with our delivery partner alongside providing providing strategic direction, project management. The Project brief is to work with and support a cohort of up to 200 pupils of a Standard (4-8) which is middle and upper primary. These students will then be put into 5 clusters of different age groups and a Leader asked to volunteer to lead the cluster.
CIEDA is an organisation that is designed to support the promotion of inclusive design principles around the world, support the new, global, generation of designers and decision makers of our world to embed the principles of inclusive design at different intersections in their education and working lives. We promote both Creative Inclusion which is about blending creativity and inclusion together and Regenerative Inclusion which promotes sustainable inclusion.
There are clearly defined participants and beneficiaries associated with Project Wigwa. The general beneficiaries will be children, women, the wider community who predominantly subsist on less than 5 USD a day.