The first thing to note is that you can take a pre-designed course like our range of ‘Off The Menu’ options or contact us to design a more tailored experience which can add the most value to you and your team. General training is useful to get an overview of a subject but many organisations need specific help getting solutions to problems. In some cases, the issues might be very unspecific but tell us about your need and we can advise from there.

Step 1:

Pick a course you would like to do. People new to CIEDA tend to find our free and low cost introductory CPDs are helpful. But if you’re already looking for the more advanced learning then our enhanced or bespoke training is what you might want to go for first.

Step 2:

Off The Menu or Tailored For You?

Have you got a specific task you want help with or just looking for fun, creative training that won’t bore attendees to sleep and wish they’d worked from home and completed they’re online AML, Risk or Anti Bribery & Corruption training. We can design and offer ABC training but you’ll need to buy us lunch and drinks first. 🙂

Step 3:

Pick a duration?

A quick one hour or less? A half day built around the needs of the team? Sometimes there is literally no point in delivering some training in less than full day sessions so we don’t and offer gentler bite-size versions which act as a feeder to the larger events.

Step 4:

Contact the team for a quick conversation about costs and opportunities.

Step 5:

Have a great session and please definitely do let us know how you felt and what you learned. This is essential to CIEDA making things the best they can be for everyone.


CIEDA runs a range of CPD and training sessions which have been developed with Stanford and University of Cambridge Inclusive Design guru Matteo Zallio.

We have a quick 3 step process:

STEP 1: Pick something to learn about –

  1. Building The Business Case For Inclusive Design In Your Team, Organisation Or Industry (45 mins)
  2. The Inclusive Design Canvas (45 mins) We are a certified delivery partner.
  3. The IDEA Audit Tool (45 mins)
  4. Age Friendly Design (30 mins)
  5. Ready to enhance your learning experience? Add on our new and very nifty Cambridge Sensory Simulation Experience. The cutting edge of making learning fun and actually sticking.
  6. IDMA – How To Become An Inclusive Decison Architect. (45 mins)
  7. The Secrets of Good Co-design. (30 mins)
  8. Inclusive Design & Universal Design – A bitesize primer. (30 mins)

STEP 2: When you’ve chosen the CPD, choose a style of session – (timings are flexible)

  1. Breakfast & Brunch (morning)
  2. Lunch & Learn (lunchtime)
  3. Dinner & Design (late afternoon or evening)

STEP 3: Contact us to book your course or CPD.