CIEDA is unique in that we want to spend every penny of our profits on creating change and strategic transformation for the fields of inclusive research, design, innovation and product delivery.


Our services are tailored for students, researchers and academics who want to get inclusion related products, services, ideas and methodologies out into the world but are struggling to get the help they need. CIEDA aim is to use our values and mission to create a safe space free from the puff and action free words of others and focus on the technicalities of getting products and ideas to market.

We may not be able to help but we’ll bloody well try.

  • Marketing Services Across Print, Digital And Web
  • Product Delivery Lifecycle
  • Project Management Services
  • Change Management Services
  • Public Relations Services
  • Tactical Sponsor & Funding Services

This work helps to create systemic and holistic adoption of fundamental barrier free and inclusive design in life. It can be achieved via bespoke approaches.