HULUKU 2022: AN INTERVIEW WITH 2022’s 3rd Place Eloi John Marron
HULUKU 2022: AN INTERVIEW WITH 2022’s 3rd Place Eloi John Marron
by | Oct 25, 2022 |

As part of our celebrations for the 2022 Huluku Competition we invited our top 3 placed digital artists to share a little about themselves and their amazing work. In this interview we talk to Eloi John Marron who came 3rd in the 2022 competition with his digital artwork ‘Fragmented Kingdom’.

Huluku has, once again, been blessed by having inspirational artists and designers enter the competition and we are delighted to introduce Eloi as the 3rd placed artist of the 2022 competition.

Q1: Tell us a little about yourself, what are you up to at the moment?
Eloi: At the moment, I am focused on my studies as I am a 4th year Chemical Engineering student. Although I am on vacation, my thesis and internship still keeps me busy.
Q2: Does the place you live or are from inspire you in your work or life and if so how?
Eloi: It certainly does. I live in a small town but is fortunate enough to have beautiful beaches where I can surf or relax with friends. I also have my supportive family who keeps me motivated and inspired every day.
Q3: What was your earliest ambition?
Eloi: Growing up, I wanted everybody in my area to have access to clean water. Thus, I wanted to be a chemical engineer who can create systems that can clean our local bodies of water.
Q4: Have you fulfilled it?
Eloi: Not yet, but I am still working on it.
Q5: Ambition, Luck or Talent? What matters most in the creative world?
Eloi: In my case, I would say luck because I am certain that there are more ambitious and talented people than me. I also think that I am a more logical type of person rather than creative. So, I think luck matters most.
Q6: What would you like to achieve that you haven’t been able to yet?
Eloi: I would like to graduate and receive a degree of chemical engineering so that I could make my mother proud and financially help my siblings.
Q7: Who is your creative inspiration or mentor?
Eloi: My creative inspiration is my professor at Mapua, Flordeliza De Vera, because she taught us how to strive for excellence, not just professionally, but individually as well.
Q8: Do you have a favourite design or artistic movement? Why?
Eloi: My favourite artistic movement would be the Spoliarium by Juan Luna because it showcased the creativity of Filipinos even during the Spanish colonization.
Q9: What style or technique in art and design makes you feel the happiest/or feel good?
Eloi: I am always amazed in impressionist paintings or art. For me, it is the most aesthetically pleasing style of art.
Q10: How did you hear about the Huluku Competition?
Eloi: I heard about the Huluku Competition from my professor in Mapua. It was set as a requirement to pass the course.
Q11: How did you get inspired to create your artwork for the competition?
Eloi: Growing up, I always enjoyed going to the zoo and learning about animals. Thus, I wanted to portray the endangered animals in the Philippines in a way that the viewers would try to look for and identify because they might be extinct soon.
Q12: Were the themes of inclusion, diversity and authentic representation something you were familiar working with prior to the competition?
Eloi: Unfortunately no, but now I am aware and thankful that CIEDA gave me an opportunity to take part in sharing the importance of inclusion, diversity, and authentic representation.
Q13: Are you planning on building the concepts you incorporated into your entry into more of your work? If so, how?
Eloi: I surely do. In chemical engineering, we innovate systems that benefit the public and the. After the competition, I learned the importance of things like inclusion and now I would always consider them into my work.