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A Picture Of Jasmin Leigh-Holdway
Jasmin Leigh-Holdway

As part of our celebrations for the 2021 Huluku Competition we invited our top 3 placed digital illustrations to share a little about themselves and their amazing work. In this interview we hear from Jasmin Leigh-Holdway who was the runner up in the 2021 competition with her artwork ‘Roots Of Connection’

Huluku has been blessed by having inspirational artists and designers enter the competition and we are delighted to introduce Jasmin as the runner up for the 2021 competition. You can see more of Jasmin’s work at her Facebook page

Q1: Tell us a little about yourself, what are you up to at the moment?
Jasmin: I’m a student currently studying at Design Centre Enmore, I’ve already completed two design courses and I’m now completing a Diploma of Graphic Design and Illustration.
Q2: Does the place you live or are from inspire you in your work or life and if
Jasmin: Yes, Australia does inspire my work because of its unique wildlife, landscapes and locations, my personal work is inspired by colourful cityscapes and trendy suburbs.
Q3: What was your earliest ambition?
Jasmin: To be an artist or have a career related to design.
Q4: Have you fulfilled it?
Jasmin: I’m still currently studying to fulfill this ambition and am gathering up artworks for my portfolio.
Q5: Ambition, Luck or Talent? What matters most in the creative world?
Jasmin: All three factors matter equally in the creative world, you need both ambition and talent to get yourself noticed by others and you also need luck to get noticed at the right time.
Q6: What would you like to achieve that you haven’t been able to yet?
Jasmin: I would like to achieve a stable design career that I can live off, or sell my work to the public.
Q7: Who is your creative inspiration or mentor?
Jasmin: I am inspired by many artists and creators, such as modern graphic designers, animators, surrealists and graffiti artists along with my Tafe teachers. Music is also a big inspiration to me.
Q8: Do you have a favourite design or artistic movement? Why?
Jasmin: I personally like Surrealism, Impressionism and pop art movements. I like the colours, shapes and textures of Impressionism and pop art and the dream-like and confusing nature of surrealist art.
Q9: What style or technique in art and design makes you feel the happiest/or feel good?
Jasmin: I love bright, bold neon colours, with defining shapes and sharp lines especially in graphic design and graffiti. I also really like incredibly detailed artwork that keeps your attention for a long time.
Q10: How did you hear about the Huluku Competition?
Jasmin: My Digital graphics teacher made a brief where we had to make artwork for the competition.
Q11: How did you get inspired to create your art work for the competition?
Jasmin: I thought of how people are connected by nature and how people are connected with each other just like the roots of plants and trees.
Q12: Were the themes of inclusion, diversity and authentic representation something you were familiar working with prior to the competition?
Jasmin: Yes I have always liked drawing diverse artwork, especially character designs ever since I was young.
Q13: Are you planning on building the concepts you incorporated into your entry into more of your work? If so, how?
Jasmin: I already try to incorporate diversity into all of my artwork but maybe I’ll try to include elements of nature more for example drawing more landscapes, floral and fauna.