Our Not for Profit Mission Is About Helping You Incubate And Accelerate Your Human-Centred Innovations. But How Do You Know When You Need An Unfair Advantage? 

This is an easy one. You’ll know when you know – you know?

But to give you an idea check out this list of 20 options and if one applies then call us. 

  1. When you just need a little help from people that understand what you’re trying to do. 
  2. When you’ve got a product, service or idea you need to help to get it out there into the world. 
  3. When you need a small push up that last steep hill. 
  4. When no one else seems to be listening. 
  5. When you start to think everyone else must be an a self-centred moron stuck in the past. 
  6. When your partner or best friends just stare blankly back at you as complain about stuff. Even more important if it’s the same stuff you were saying last week or even the month before. 
  7. When your good days and bad days become good half-days and several bad days.
  8. When you start googling emigration to New Zealand. 
  9. When you realise New Zealand’s expensive now. 
  10. When you find yourself not quite believing in you. 
  11. When you find that others aren’t quite getting ‘it’ – what ever that might be.  
  12. When it’s stopped being fun. 
  13. When you’re running low on cash, and dream power, and cash, and toilet roll.
  14. When people you’ve just met ask what you do and then say “so…this inclusion thing, I don’t quite get it”. 
  15. When you suddenly need to find out what kind of manager you can be. 
  16. When you suddenly need to find out what kind of leader you can be.  
  17. When you want to find out a little more about what makes ‘you’ tick. 
  18. When you go on social media and you’re first thought is ‘how come they all find it so f***ing easy’. 
  19. When you’re just about to give in and go to quiet quit in an corporate. 
  20. When you start thinking you might need to disappear for a bit. 



CIEDA Can Help You Change The World. Our Creative Change Services for Academics, Researchers And Social Entrepreneurs could be just what you’ve always been looking for. Our Not for Profit mission supports our clients With Concepts, Research, Ideas, Services, Products & Solutions (CRISPS) related to human-centred subjects like inclusive design.

CIEDA’s A Bit Different

CIEDA is unique in that we want to spend every penny of our profits on creating change and strategic transformation for the fields of inclusive research, design, innovation and product delivery.

CIEDA is able to make a huge positive cultural as well socio-economic impact because it is supporting you to bring your unique and life changing inclusion focused solution. Your work can make the difference and we would like to help you. This work helps to create systemic and holistic adoption of fundamental barrier free and inclusive design in life. It can be achieved via bespoke approaches. CIEDA offers a full range of creative, PR and marketing services. Our unique selling point is that we can bring all our creative, coaching, training, change management and UX expertise to help you with any challenges.


Our services Are Tailored For Academia, Research And Social Entrepreneurship

We specialise in helping researchers and academics who want to get inclusion related products, services, ideas and methodologies out into the world but are struggling to get the help they need. CIEDA aim is to use our values and mission to create a safe space free from the puff and action free words of others and focus on the technicalities of getting products and ideas to market.


CIEDA’s Not For Profit Mission

Our not for profit mission is to provide support for under-represented people or those who might be excluded and in an ideal world we would like to be able to provide our services to these groups for subsidised rates or hopefully, in time, completely free.

We Can Help With:

  • Product Delivery Lifecycle Services

  • Change Management Expertise

  • Coaching & Mentoring Sessions With former Google Marketing Strategist, business coach and qualified Mentor – Sarah Speake.

  • Public Relations & Communications Services. CIEDA can act as your representative or agent.

  • Tactical Sponsor & Funding Services

  • Marketing Services Across Print, Digital And Web including:

  • Print Media like brochures and books.
  • Digital Media like social channels
  • High quality video and audio production
  • Website development
  • Website hosting
  • Podcast organisation and management
  • Content creation and copywriting services
  • Graphic design
  • CIEDA is a CEEM Personal Video Messaging strategic partner
We offer a one-stop shop on creative design, brand and marketing services. We bring our years of experience across the fields of disabled accessibility, user experience, marketing and inclusive environments to our creative and marketing services and work with industry good practice to make your work more accessible and engaging.
Our extensive background in change and transformation can help you successfully implement a project or organisational change.  
We can act as your agent and representative on a wide variety of tasks like publishing and speaker circuit work.  
Video Marketing Tools From CEEM
CEEM Personal Video Messaging - The platform that re-connects the world by re-humanising engagement.   CIEDA is an authorised CEEM video marketing software partner. Ceem helps you create and send video messages from a real person! Personalised by name and with multiple message variations. Now you and brands can reach everyone in their target audience in the thousands or millions! By providing analytics in real time,  Ceem video messages help to increase brand loyalty, advocacy and conversions. CEEM makes authentic, personal video messaging easy, cost-effective and highly measurable with proven performance.
Our team can assist with a range of academic publishing tasks and can even support and market your work through our in house academic publishing service. This service is designed to support you so we won't own rights to your work.