CIEDA offers a full range of creative and marketing services. Our unique selling point is that we can bring all our inclusion, user experience and expertise to help you and your brand meet your challenges.
  • Print, Video, Audio and Digital
  • Websites and Vectors
  • Website Hosting
  • Video production
  • Podcast organisation and management
  • Content creation
  • Graphic Design
  • CIEDA is a CEEM Personal Video Messaging strategic partner

We do this because we quickly realised that, as a non-profit, to actually needed cash to get CIEDA Learning off the ground! This means that by utilising CIEDA for your creative and marketing work you are not only adding an amazing and diverse organisation to your team and supply chain but also you know that every penny you put into CIEDA will be direct into supporting the development of inclusive decision-making skills and inclusive design within formal and informal learning environments in the United Kingdom, Europe and around the globe.

Inclusive By Design
We bring our years of experience across the fields of disabled accessibility, user experience, marketing and inclusive environments to our creative and marketing services. This means we can offer a one-stop shop on creating You don't need to ask for this. We do it as standard on as much of our work as possible.  - the way it should be done. Whilst there is no such thing as perfection we can get you as close as possible to becoming inclusive - by design.
Digital Marketing
Our digital marketing services are focused around getting good results from the right channels and platforms for you and your organisation rather than pitching all and sundry. We can help you and your brand with:
  • Social Media (what to choose and why)
  • Podcasting (creation, hosting, artwork and we can even provide diverse voice artists to help you run it)
  • Video
  • Marketing Analytics - getting hold of the data to track how your doing including competitor analysis
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimisation - we do this the slow and surely way no magic tricks!
  • PPC or Pay per click advertising
  • Advertising in general including on social platforms
  • Content creation (see the seperate section below)
We can build a methodology to suit your brand and organisation rather than pressure selling the items that make us the most money and are easier to do.
Video Marketing Tools From CEEM
CEEM Personal Video Messaging - The platform that re-connects the world by re-humanising engagement.   CIEDA is an authorised CEEM video marketing software partner. Ceem helps you create and send video messages from a real person! Personalised by name and with multiple message variations. Now you and brands can reach everyone in their target audience in the thousands or millions! By providing analytics in real time,  Ceem video messages help to increase brand loyalty, advocacy and conversions. CEEM makes authentic, personal video messaging easy, cost-effective and highly measurable with proven performance.
Video & Audio
Want to create a video but put off by the shear cost of the things? Or maybe making your own is stressing you out? Or your camera is more suited to a 1990s You've Been Framed? No worries. We have expertise in helping brands and especially non-profits and charities make video content which can be a real game changer. Let us know what you are looking to do and your budget and we can advise on the best outcomes for you and your brand.
Website, Artwork & Hosting
CIEDA creates Wordpress sites and as you can tell from our own site we really like vector artwork too! If you have an existing site then we can support that through our hosting service which uses ultra fast, high frequency, Vultr virtual servers. We can also provide a basic support package just to keep your word press site ticking along too. If you have any other type of website i.e. PHP like Laravel, we can provide hosting support and maintenance.
Marketing Strategies & Planning
Getting confused between segments, unbranded, concentrated and what market environment to be in?   We can guide you on planning out your marketing strategy and help you create inclusive and adaptive marketing plans that will help you shape the strategy of your organisation and brand.   Not everything will work but we can help narrow down a selection of approaches to test and re-test until BOOM! - success.
Print Media
We can support your print and graphic design needs. These include:
  • Brochures
  • Sales packs
  • Staff Handbooks
  • Merchandise (as sustainable as possible otherwise we refuse the work)
  • Construction site signboards
  • Print advertising
  • Roller banners including the graphic design work
  • Logo and brand creation
Content Marketing
If you've ventured into the world of social media and content for your brand already you've probably hit on the feeling that something is wrong with it somewhere but your not sure where. This is because the true value is not always found the same places and a lot of the commentary you'll find on the web only really applies in some scenarios  - often not your ones. Take content marketing for example - this is where you create the stories, articles and the narrative that underpin your brand. Things do have to go in a certain order to be successful but actually knowledge and expertise is critical here and that agencies can only do so much. A good example of this is where you might have paid for content to be written but when it comes back it is often so wrong that it's a full re-write job for you anyway - it was quicker to do it yourself from the start! Because of these truths, CIEDA can provide you with two separate content services:
  1. We provide basic content services that save the bulk of the labour.
  2. We provide guidance and coaching to you or your team on how to get the content out quickly and effectively.
We do this because it's hard to write content when you aren't the expert in the field but we are expert in helping you access your knowledge and expertise.