Need An Unfair Advantage?

Business Coach & Mentor
Accepting that everyone is seeing the world in different ways helps unlock access to success and happiness as you frame it rather than some other person who looks like their got it wired up right but actually can lead you down a rabbit hole that could lead you in the opposite direction. Sarah Speake is a pro at getting you and your organisation to think and dream in the real world.
Sustainable Development Goal Coach & Trainer
Coll Wheeler BA, MA, MBA is CIEDA's Creative Director and provides the sustainable development goal specialist consultancy services in a creative and positive way.
Marketing Strategy & Engagement Guru
Lindsay LaShell BA, MA, altMBA is the founder of the Open Lines Marketing System. An ingenious approach to helping organisations around the world (and especially in her home state of California) to reimagine their strategies and outreach within the framework of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. You can find out more about the Open Lines framework here: