CIEDA is setting out to create a community of bright minds across the world who learn about embedding inclusion, accessibility and equality into the very fabric of their primary, secondary and after-school work so that by the time they are ready to leave education they are fully equipped for the technology driven future which will prize neuro-divergence and diverse backgrounds and experience in order to make better products, software and design decisions. As a part of this work the students will learn about inclusion, access and diversity as well as social exclusion and the benefits of equality.


To achieve this primary aim we have designed CIEDA Learning as an organisation that can engage and support the entire strata of formal and informal learning including:

This work helps to create systemic and holistic adoption of fundamental barrier free and inclusive design in life. It can be achieved via bespoke approaches including:

  • A focus on STEAM and creative design subjects. These are the subjects where students learn about designing our world.
  • Support packs and skills learning activities provided to teachers and organisations.
  • The CIEDA Prize: which is a creative writing award for schools and education organisations to participate in.
  • The CIEDA Innovation Award: For projects which progress the core themes of CIEDA.
  • Dedicated summer schools.
  • Creation of engaging video, web and audio content. Young person’s membership to CIEDA. With the potential to incorporate a magazine with puzzles and events to keep the change going during holiday seasons.
  • The introduction of CIEDAi which is specifically designed to help embed CIEDA’s core topics into the world of AI and robotics. (coding camps and helping to shape aspirational STEAM careers)