CIEDA has devised accreditation marks across four different certification areas:
  • The Inclusive Designer and their products/services
  • Formal and Informal Learning Environments
  • The Trainers who provide the courses and content
  • Inclusive environments and/or inclusive spaces themselves

Whilst certification and accreditation is popular for sustainability and the built environment there is nothing that provides a quality mark for inclusive environments and inclusive design. CIEDA’s accreditation marks are designed to be challenging to gain and inherently contains a truly aspirational quality that is often missing in existing sustainability marks which tend to be designed to be reasonable and achievable rather than to make a robust statement which people will recognise and aspire to hold (and maintain). CPR (Corporate Political Responsibility) and CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) is often nothing more than a tick box exercise and CIEDA’s accreditation marks are intended to provide a route to certification for those who are passionate about inclusion and tenacious in their desire to improve.

Accreditation For Learning Environments
An essential part of CIEDA is to help learning environments teach and inform learners about inclusive design and inclusive environments at various insects during their informal and formal education. This quality mark certifies establishments and organisations which want to be recognised for their inclusive design learning environments and syllabi.
Accreditation For Trainers
CIEDA can also provide accreditation for the producers and trainers of courses and learning content.
Accreditation For Inclusive environments and/or inclusive spaces themselves
As the general interest and popularity of creating inclusive environments and inclusive spaces develops CIEDA recognises that the quality and effectiveness of the space needs a way to be measured against National legislation and guidance. In addition, there needs to be a way for people to recognise what an inclusive environment is offering them with only limited information often available to them. CIEDA accreditation for inclusive